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Chengdu, Luqiao 2014 annual work conference
Date:2014/4/28 10:00:01 Browser:426

My company in February 2014 in the company headquarters conference room of the Chengdu, Luqiao 2014 annual work conference. Participants mainly have the company in the top and the project, the Department of the person in charge.

The meeting is chaired by the vice president of the company Yang Hua. The meeting, each department of the company, the project is responsible for people a review of the 2013, and in 2014 to carry out the planning, the meeting discussed and identified the project reassigned changed personnel. Company Executives also on the 2013 annual performance excellent staff and excellent "project monthly project were commended, and the Execution of the project and the company system are summarized.

Finally, Jiang Lihong, general manager of the company to make a summary of the meeting, affirmed in the past year, the company's contribution to the company and the results, while the company's 2014 development of the macro planning. Hope that the company can create more brilliant in the coming year.