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Positive response to the "big 100 days, to achieve full cap structure"
Date:2016/5/3 10:02:10 Browser:452

Built in three innings on 18 March 2016 held in Wuhan Tianhe Airport T3 terminal building and building the viaduct project "work energetically 100 days, overall cap mobilization meeting, required to achieve the terminal viaduct across the board all the main structure of the cap and the front of the building through.

We are responsible for sixth of them, the eighth, the unit box girder construction task. Which the Jiulian difficulties in key, because the alliance in the subway, parking, and transportation center of a variety of structural interchange. Construction of regional road narrow, lifting in a narrow space, construction cross operation, difficult construction and tight schedule. Face severe difficulties in construction, project managers under the leadership of the company under the correct guidance, advance planning, rational layout quickly organized the construction of more than 600 personnel day and night, rain or shine to participate in project implementation.

All employees in the company, especially project front-line staff of unremitting efforts, after 45 day and night fighting, we completed the Beilei assembled more than 1300 tons, scaffold erection 7 million multi, inside and outside the template installation 21000 square meters, reinforcement of ANN 2900 tons (the sixth United 684 tons, the eighth combined 450 tons, the Jiulian 1879 tons).      Respectively on April 3 and April 9, April 28, finished eighth, the sixth, the Jiulian box beam concrete pouring, ahead of the completion of the construction of three Bureau given to our tasks, elevated bridge main structure across the board before the building is implemented through.